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Cleaning Frenzy

Hi there lovelies!

I took a break from my recent cleaning frenzy to relax on the couch and catch up on my favorite blogs.  I was inspired to do some serious cleaning because 1. it was desperately needed and 2. I read in my current book, The Happiness Project, that getting organized helps to boost mood. Of course, I already knew that little fact but it was a nice reminder especially since over the last few days every time I glanced over the apartment I let out a defeated sigh at the sight of all the clutter and grime. But those days are no more! I've been attacking one room at a time each night, mostly because the entire apartment would be too great an undertaking for me alone in one day. I didn't create this mess alone, it was the combined doing of 6 guests! Although I do miss them terribly and I would keep the mess in a heartbeat if it meant I could keep them here too.  But now that the place is empty {sad sigh} a thorough clean up was overdue.

So this book so far is pretty great! It's filled with lots of ideas and stories about experiencing more happiness. I, like the author, am already quite a happy girl but who says you can't have more of a good thing? I say check it out.
 The after in the living room.  I wasn't even willing to show you the before...let's just say I worked a mini miracle in there.  I'm thinking of adding some pillows to the mix, what colors do you think I should get?

Just take my word for it, yet another miracle was performed in the kitchen as well.  Dontcha just love how I created a makeshift napkin holder with two candles?? Yes, I thought you'd appreciate that.

Next thing on my list? I want to freshen up my bedroom a bit but more importantly I need to go through my closet and drawers for a seasonal 'keep/donate/trash' cleanout. Wish me luck!

Love, S

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  1. OK that's the second time in two days that The Happiness Project has crossed my path. I think I need to read that book. :)


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