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Sunday, April 13

How to Get and Stay Organized

If you are like me, new months, new seasons and new years remind you to reevaluate your goals, your habits and your overall progress toward the things you desire most in life. Whether its a fitness goal, a career aspiration or getting better at your hobby, staying organized is key to achieving your goals. The following are just a few ideas that have really helped me to stay on top of things and keep stress at bay.

Make any system you like work for you

We are always getting tons of 'tips and tricks' for how to do this and how to do that and maybe they never seem to fit into your actual life. No need to throw out the baby with the bathwater! Pick and choose and tweak to make good suggestions realistic for you.

Organize a little at a time regularly

Each night, or morning, go through your tasks and goals for the day. Be sure to prioritize them and have a plan to accomplish them. When papers come in, file them immediately. When you arrive at home take the extra 5 minutes to put away your clothes and belongings. Quick steps like these will save you stress later on.

Do an organization overhaul regularly

Re-asses your main priorities and align your months, weeks and days to match. Clean out that junk drawer. Go through your entire closet for items to donate, sell or keep. Check out the Wardrobe Reset is you need help with this.  Re-organize your file cabinet and shred unnecessary documents as well as making digital copies when possible. Update the calendar with events and deadlines for the following month. These regular tune-ups will give you a fresh start and keep you on track. Be creative!

If you have any organization ideas that work great for you I'd love to hear them. Let's help each other out, comment below!

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Saturday, April 12

Secrets of the Ridiculously Happy

Express gratitude.

Appreciating what you have increases it’s value and your contentment. Gratitude is more that just saying thank you, it is a deep sense of appreciation and wonder for your experiences, blessings, relationships, abilities and possessions.

Cultivate optimism and positivity.

Intentionally look for opportunities. Search for hidden lessons as if it were a game. When things are tough ask ‘Is there another way to look at this situation? What can I learn from this?’ Identify the good in circumstances or people and refocus your attention there.

Stop comparing.

Social, physical and achievement comparison is the fastest way to kill happiness. There is always going to be someone taller, thinner, richer, more popular, more spiritual, more talented, more successful or more interesting than you. Get better at being yourself!

Nurture your relationships.

Deep, meaningful relationships are the greatest source of happiness. Prioritize your friends and family. Learn how the best receive love and practice what you learn. No one is meant to go at it alone, let people in and grow together.

Take care of your body.

Eat fresh fruits and veggies while avoiding processed foods and excess sugar which can wreck havoc on your emotions. Exercise regularly to get a boost of those ‘feel good’ chemicals, endorphins. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins and rejuvenate your system. Getting enough sleep each night helps to stabilize your mood and allows you to have a more positive outlook.

Savor the present moment.

Most of us, including myself, spend most of our time sifting over the past or worrying about the future. Be present! Take the time to experience the present moment and what is happening in and around you right now. Focus on the people in your company and not your cell phone. Dump the to-do list swirling in your mind onto paper so that you can live in the now.

Practice spirituality.

Happy people accept that there is something bigger than themselves and their problems. They connect with a high power through prayer, meditation, religious text, nature etc. Set aside a regular time for prayer and centering away from technology and other distractions.

Help others.

Being kind, generous and altruistic is a great way to boost your joy. Helping other people has a funny way of making us feel pretty darn good in the process.

Commit to your goals and purpose.

Figure out what it is you want, make a plan and go for it! People who set achievable goals and have a purpose or mission in life are far more merry than those who wander aimlessly. You can start by asking yourself “What is it that I want? What excites me? What legacy do I want to leave behind? What personal gifts do I have to share with others? While you’re at it let go of any limiting beliefs to which you might be clinging to for dear life. You can recognize them since they typically start something like this:  “I can’t get a good job because...” “I’ll never get/have/do/be.....” “I don’t deserve...” “Life is...” “I’m not...” “I’m too...”

Have fun!

Dance, sing, jump, paint, run or laugh! Whatever it is that makes your heart leap and brings a smile to your beautiful face, do it more often. Overcome that resistance to spending more time having more fun.

Alright Gorgeous, I hope this inspires you to add a few helpful habits and eliminate a few hurtful ones. Please don’t beat yourself up if you cannot master the whole list all at once, remember this is a journey and we are all in it together. Be gentle with yourself and just keep at it. Comment below with your thoughts, I just adore hearing them. What ways are you going to implement the secrets of the ridiculously happy?
Ever wonder how some people just always seem to be glowing with jubilance? Even when bad things happen those people still manage to be authentically happy? Life can be that way for you too! There are a few key things I’ve found that happy people have in common. Although there are some genetic dispositions toward happiness, on the whole there are things we all can do to achieve a more blissful state of mind. Happy people have shared habits, mindsets and practices that contribute to a contented existence. What follows are the secrets of the ridiculously happy, revealed.
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Friday, April 11

Find Your Passion

I majored in pre medicine in college, moved to the opposite coast after graduation, flopped from odd job to odd job for about 3 years before discovering what really juices me and more importantly how I could actually make a living doing that very thing.

The process was not an easy one. I faced an ample amount of rejection from job opportunities I thought I wanted, I worked in wholly unfulfilling jobs and either quit or was laid of from several others. I spent years battling feelings of inadequacy, frustration, worthlessness, rejection, pride, confusion, regret, bitterness, loneliness and hopelessness. What a mouthful!

This whole business of “finding your passion” can be at best pretty frustrating and at worst utterly crippling. Also, the language we use surrounding this topic is quite deceiving. Find, discover, realize, they all make it seem like a one time event, a stroke of genius, a flash of light or a word from heaven. NOT TRUE. It's way more like a journey or a system of trial and error. Certainly a whole lot more error than we're comfortable with. Accept it and move forward in freedom!

One of the best spaces in life is where our talents/interests/strengths intersect with a specific need in the world. It is there we experience passion and purpose. How sexy is that?! A woman operating from a place of passion and purpose is truly a force to be reckoned with.

But how exactly do we find that sweet spot? See, what normally happens is we try to think our way into discovering our dreams and our strengths. While plotting and planning is very necessary, on its own it just doesn't work.
"The only way to develop your passion is to jump right in and get your feet wet even if your are scared s***less."

Here’s the ultra-complex formula for discovering your life’s work. (Note your ‘life’s work’ can change multiple times during the course of a life well lived, or it might not. There’s no right or wrong here)
  • Identify one interest/talent/strength.

  • Take a single step towards that thing.

  • Feels good? Take another step!

  • Feels not so good? Identify if that's just fear talking or legitimate disdain or warning.

  • If it’s fear, take another step anyway.

  • If it’s disdain, choose another interest/talent/strength and repeat the process.

The key here is to be absolutely honest with yourself. Making moves in the face of debilitating fears of failure, success, ridicule or rejection is pretty darn tough. That’s why we take it one step at a time. (cue Jordin Sparks)

One day you’ll find yourself knee deep into something wonderful and loving it. You can always change course but just keep swimming! That right there my friends is the beginnings of living a juicy life.

Share in the comments below a step you've already taken or a step you plan to take toward living a purpose driven life. I'd love to hear from you!
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50 Ways to Build Confidence

Here are some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. We all need a boost in confidence every now and then and my hope is that this helps you feel a little better today.
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