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50 Ways to Build Confidence

Here are some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. We all need a boost in confidence every now and then and my hope is that this helps you feel a little better today.

1. Find a fun way to workout. Endorphins are nature’s happy pill

2. Talk to a good friend. No frenemies allowed!

3. Identify your favorite physical feature and accentuate it.

4. Buy a new outfit that looks fabulous on you. Or Revamp your Wardrobe

5. Create or re-work your budget. Being in control of your finances increases confidence!

6. Set a specific, tangible goal for yourself and work toward it.

7. Put a few affirmations on sticky notes wherever you will see them often.

8. Try a new hairstyle.

9. Practice the discipline of daily gratitude.

10. Pray, meditate, or reflect often.

11. Focus your thoughts on your positive attributes/qualities/skills. Replace negative thoughts instantly with positive ones.

12. Learn a new hobby.

13. Volunteer! Getting outside of your own problems to help others builds confidence.

14. Create something. A song, a painting, a letter, a craft…whatever it may be.

15. Incorporate healthy foods into your diet. Doing good things for your body will help you feel better about YOU!

16. Experiment with color. Paint a wall, wear a scarf, try that lipstick!

17. Give yourself a break. If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend don’t say it to yourself.

18. Genuinely compliment someone else.

19. Identify your core values. Are the things you do daily in line with those values? Make necessary changes.

20. Take a class in your area of interest.

21. Meet new people! Join a club or go to a mixer. Just get creative!

22. This should’ve been first on the list! You MUST believe you can actually attain more confidence.

23. Learn to say ‘No’

24. Try to take more risks. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid.

25. Conquer your To-Do list! Cross off one task at a time.

26. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You can be the best version of yourself; no one else will ever beat you at that!

27. Make a list of things of things you’ve done/accomplished that you are proud of. It can be as small as ‘being awesome at taking care of  your pup’ to ‘winning the Nobel prize…twice’

28. Find value in yourself, first and foremost. Not your job, not your relationships and not your net-worth.

29. Clean up your space! Disorganization and excess clutter disrupt your inner peace.

30. Don’t be too afraid to seek counsel or aid when you need it.

31. Stop focusing on the things you don’t like about your life. Change your mindset and you will be able to see the beauty all around you.

32. Receive criticism with an open but discerning mind. Sift through it to find any truth, throw out the rest, make changes if necessary and move on.

33. Release guilt over mistakes and missed opportunities in the past. As long as you are breathing you will mess up, the key is to learn from the messy and keep growing

34. Know that building self-esteem is a process that takes lots of little steps over time.

35. Learn to love, respect and trust yourself.

36. Read books about confidence, taking risks and achieving dreams.

37. Put yourself out there! Share your opinions and passions with others.

38. Cultivate increased generosity in your life.

39. Realize that everyone else is too busy worrying about their own hair/clothes/impressions/flaws to be thinking about yours.

40. Relax. Unplug. Just BE.

41. Do what makes you happy! Don't only spend your full days doing things you have to do.

42. Eliminate any negative or abusive relationships from your life completely and immediately.

43. Fill your life with positive, encouraging and loving relationships.

44. Don’t play the victim. Accept that you are in control of your life.

45. Adopt a zero-tolerance policy for any negative self-talk.

46. Begin to accept things that are beyond your control. Eventually embrace those things.

47. Remember that good ‘ol advice “Fake it 'till you make it”. Even if you don’t feel confident today, behave like the you who is confident.

48. Practice good posture. Slumped shoulders and a lowered head convey self-doubt and unimportance to other people as well as to your own brain!

49. Let your hair down and have some fun!


What are some other ways you use to boost your confidence? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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