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Find Your Passion

I majored in pre medicine in college, moved to the opposite coast after graduation, flopped from odd job to odd job for about 3 years before discovering what really juices me and more importantly how I could actually make a living doing that very thing.

The process was not an easy one. I faced an ample amount of rejection from job opportunities I thought I wanted, I worked in wholly unfulfilling jobs and either quit or was laid of from several others. I spent years battling feelings of inadequacy, frustration, worthlessness, rejection, pride, confusion, regret, bitterness, loneliness and hopelessness. What a mouthful!

This whole business of “finding your passion” can be at best pretty frustrating and at worst utterly crippling. Also, the language we use surrounding this topic is quite deceiving. Find, discover, realize, they all make it seem like a one time event, a stroke of genius, a flash of light or a word from heaven. NOT TRUE. It's way more like a journey or a system of trial and error. Certainly a whole lot more error than we're comfortable with. Accept it and move forward in freedom!

One of the best spaces in life is where our talents/interests/strengths intersect with a specific need in the world. It is there we experience passion and purpose. How sexy is that?! A woman operating from a place of passion and purpose is truly a force to be reckoned with.

But how exactly do we find that sweet spot? See, what normally happens is we try to think our way into discovering our dreams and our strengths. While plotting and planning is very necessary, on its own it just doesn't work.
"The only way to develop your passion is to jump right in and get your feet wet even if your are scared s***less."

Here’s the ultra-complex formula for discovering your life’s work. (Note your ‘life’s work’ can change multiple times during the course of a life well lived, or it might not. There’s no right or wrong here)
  • Identify one interest/talent/strength.

  • Take a single step towards that thing.

  • Feels good? Take another step!

  • Feels not so good? Identify if that's just fear talking or legitimate disdain or warning.

  • If it’s fear, take another step anyway.

  • If it’s disdain, choose another interest/talent/strength and repeat the process.

The key here is to be absolutely honest with yourself. Making moves in the face of debilitating fears of failure, success, ridicule or rejection is pretty darn tough. That’s why we take it one step at a time. (cue Jordin Sparks)

One day you’ll find yourself knee deep into something wonderful and loving it. You can always change course but just keep swimming! That right there my friends is the beginnings of living a juicy life.

Share in the comments below a step you've already taken or a step you plan to take toward living a purpose driven life. I'd love to hear from you!

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