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Does Size Matter?

Does size matter?

In short the answer is no! But let me explain. Today we are talking about clothing sizes and how completely bogus they are.

You’ve probably noticed by now that your size can vary depending on what store you are shopping at. A size 8 at JCrew is not the same as a size 8 at H & M for example. This can leave you feeling frustrated and fat, especially when you’re forced to buy a larger size than you are comfortable wearing.

The truth is clothing sizes are completely subject to the whims of each individual manufacturer. There are no regulations or standards in this industry and sizes can have huge differences.

Some stores even employ what’s known as ‘vanity sizing’. This means they purposefully slap a size 6 label on a typically size 10 garment just to sell more clothes. It pretty sneaky but also smart because they know exactly how the female brain works. But I say don’t let them toy with your emotions or worse, your confidence.

Sizes can even have large variations within the same size! How is this possible you ask? Well clothes for fast fashion stores like F21 and Target are mass produced.

This means they basically have machines with a template to cut down through a stack of fabric for say the front panel of a size jean. As the blades cut down from the top to the bottom of the stack they widen a bit.

The result is that the clothes cut near the top of the stack are smaller than the ones cut near the bottom of the stack.

I recently purchased a size small, non-stretchy, not oversized Old Navy long sleeved t-shirt. However I usually wear a L or XL in tops…see what I mean? It’s entirely likely that the completely wrong label got sewn onto this top.

In higher end stores where clothes are handmade you are more likely to get consistency in sizing, at least in whatever way they decide. Also, mid tier and end store usually produce clothes that are easily tailored so you can get the best fit.

BUDGET TIP: Buy mid tier and high end clothes thrifted or second hand.

I’m sharing all of this to encourage you to disregard the sizes on clothes. Of course use it as a starting point when shopping, but don’t get hung up on only buying size (fill in the blank) or feeling bad if you can only squeeze your cute butt into a size 12 at Anthropologie. If your butt looks great in those size 12’s that’s all that matters! No one is going to stop you on the street and say “Wow, that looks great on you…but what size it?”

Remember our motto: Does it fit? Does it Flatter? Does it Feel Good?

And I hope I’ve put the debate to rest, the verdict is in. Size doesn’t matter.

What do you think? Do you try to purchase clothing in a certain size? How much does size matter to you? Let me hear you in the comments!

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  1. This explains a lot!! I will also admit to trying to squeeze into clothes that don't fit because I thought they were supposed to fit and I feared going up a size!

  2. It's crazy how varied the sizing can be huh? And its pretty hard to shop for clothes and not feel stressed about the size. We just have to recognize that looking good in well fitting clothes is a heck of a lot better than having the size you want on your tag and looking like a stuffed sausage :) I'm am still working on that! Thanks for your comment!


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