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Guide to: Mixing Prints

It's okay to get creative with your outfits at any age and any size. Today I'm sharing simple tips for how to mix prints without looking crazy.  Before you know it you'll be on your way to funky and fun new options for your weekly style!

As with any suggestions I give you, consider them guidelines or starting points instead of rules. Sometimes you can stumble upon styling genius just by getting in your closet, playing around, making mistakes and having fun.

1) Stick with a color palette. Mixing prints goes down a lot smoother when you are working with similar colors.

2) Anchor two or three different prints with a solid color. This will give the eye a resting place at the party. You can use a belt, scarf, bag, jewelry etc to achieve this.

3) Mix a large scale print with a small scale print for a sense of balance. The small print acts as a solid when paired with a larger print.

Hope this helps you with new ideas for styling your old pieces. Let me know what outfit you come up with in the comments above!

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