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Neutral Chic

Yes, I know what you're thinking. How am I ever going to get away with white pants!? Well, there's just something so chic about white, worn well this time of year. I want you to get creative. When you see an inspiring look or even encounter some useful advice in life, instead of thinking "this could never work for me / I don't know how this could work for me" I want you to think "how can I creatively make this work for me". Trust me, this little shift in mindset will open up a whole new world not only in your wardrobe but also in your life.

Worried about stains? Why not try leather white pants with a cotton blazer. Leather is awesome for easily wiping off that spaghetti sauce you splattered! Want to be more casual? Try linen pants in white, cream or beige.

In the comments, let me know how you plan to creatively incorporate white bottoms into your wardrobe this season!

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