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Spring / Summer Skirt Style Guide

The weather is warming up and it's time to bring out those saucy legs ladies!

Skirts are so fun and can be effortless, feminine super stylist. Try out some new skirt silhouettes this season to add some interest to your wardrobe. Or if you can't be convince to stray from your typical A-Line skirt why not try to mix it up with a new pattern or color? You can do it, I believe in you!

Super sexy and can be worn casual or all business. Your curves will look killer in a good pencil skirt. Style with a silk button down or a colorful peplum top.

Creative, high fashion and lots of visual interest. If you're ready to break the norm try this skirt for a spin. You can play it safe with a simple white tee.

A classic, feminine style that will camouflage a multitude of sins while still looking fabulous. Keep it balanced with a fitted top and try wearing it high waisted with a skinny belt.

The ultimate classic skirt, looks good on all body types. Pair with a leather jacket for a punch of edge.

Another unconventional look making a comeback in fashion. Style with a chambray shirt for a mix of classic and quirky.

Short doesn't always equal sleasy. This style is super fun in a bold print with a simple graphic tee tucked in the front and a military vest over top.

For the youngins a crop top is fun with this style. For us more mature ladies the maxi looks stellar with a belt to accentuate the waist and a sleeveless blouse.

I love this style, well I love all of them but the skater is so flattering on most women. Wear any top you love and try it tuck in all around.

Similar to the skater this skirt is a bit more whimsical. Maximize this cut with a fun color and a tank.

What are some of your new ideas for styling skirts? Do you like wearing skirts? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!


  1. As a male man, I never realized there were so many species of skirts. Interesting.

  2. Hahaha it's true! And I didn't even put all the ones I know up's crazy :) Thanks for the comment, Simeon!


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