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Closet Makeover | How to Organize Your Wardrobe

If you're anything like me you are a sucker for a good before and after transformation. I was able to help my cousin completely transform her space by dumping an old, cramped wardrobe unit in favor of a brand new organized one!
In the video I share 4 tips for organizing your closet plus a tour of the new wardrobe. You can use these tips no matter the size of your closet. The smaller the closet, the more ruthless you will be in step 2! Check out the video and extra pictures below

So we started with a severely cramped closet:

Which I transformed into a mini boutique!: 

1. Take everything out of the space
Absolutely nothing stays behind! This way you can see everything you have, clean up the space and add new organizational tools.

2. Sort your wardrobe into four piles
Keep: Items you absolutely love, items that fit and flatter, items that represent your style
Trash: Items with stains, rips, holes etc
Donate: Items in decent condition that you don't want to keep
Sell: Items is good condition that retain resale value

3. Organize the items you keep by style and color
I suggest using all the same hangers and even doubling up items like trousers on one hanger. You can make DIY organizational bins from shoeboxes and lids. The key here is to maximize functionality, visibility and space. When you can see it, you use it!

4. Maintenance
Whenever you do a load of laundry just make it a habit to fold and hang your clothes properly that same day. Put away blazers, jackets, shoes, scarves and handbags after use. Be sure to regularly edit your wardrobe to keep clutter at bay and start monitoring your purchases so that you're only buying items you absolutely adore that flatter your figure and fit your desired style.

I hope you enjoyed the closet makeover, I'd love to hear what works for your closet in the comments below

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