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     I must say, New Years is my favorite holiday.  The early months are among my favorite time of the year due in large part to the newness, the fresh start, the tangible hope in the air. I'm not at all cynical when it comes to goal setting and new years resolutions so the final cheers of the holiday season bring me so much joy and energy. I hope you are having a smooth transition into work, school or for some of us both. I also hope you're walking through life a little more wide-eyed and full of wonder.

     I've set a few goals for myself in 2016 that I'm excited to tackle. One of which is to streamline my wardrobe and embrace a more minimal but still chic style. This means I'll be choosing a simple color palette and sticking to it. I'll also be paring down to just my favorite pieces, letting go of those 'eh' items in my closet. The end result will be a wholly functional, simple and stylish wardrobe that exudes that effortless 'model off duty' vibe. You heard it here first ladies, you don't have to actually be a model to capture the model off duty look! I'll be sharing more about the ins and outs of that next week but for now I'll leave you with a little outfit inspiration I put together. Details below.

Sweater: Romwe
Leather Trousers: H&M
Knit Scarf:
Slide on sneakers: Sperrys
Perfume: Byredo Parfums in Gypsy Water

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